This Man Is Lucky to be Alive

Lord help the person that slaps one of my babies.


Passenger fired after allegedly using racial slur, hitting child during flight



For Connecticut

I kissed my kids goodbye this morning.  Told them I loved them and to be good for Dad and at school.  “Will, I want to see all smiley faces.”  “Grace, please be good for Dad today, no whining please.”  I kissed my sleepy husband and left for work, secretly relieved that my morning duties were over for the day and Mark would get them up, dressed, fed and out the door.  I spent the morning thinking about how busy our weekend would be, the crowds and rush of the Holiday Show tonight at school, all the million things I had to get done as the days until Christmas dwindle down.



So caught up in life, much like most every parent this Friday morning, two weeks before Christmas, that I might have forgotten to kiss my family and tell them I loved them.  To give them one last hug even though I was running late, because it never occurred to me that this might be the last time.  It’s just a Friday in December and my kids are young and I have so much to do.



My heart is broken for the parents in Connecticut who had the same exact morning I did, only to have their worlds destroyed in a horrible senseless instant.  To know that unwittingly, they gave their last kiss, their last hug to their child or favorite teacher.



Without any way to explain why this happened, all I can do is offer my prayers and thoughts to the families whose lives will never be the same.  Love your kids and families tonight. I know I did.

Hello world!

Why start a blog?

Why not?  I feel the most satisfied when I’ve finished writing a paper.  Last one written was over 10 years ago, which was approximately the last time I used my brain for reasonable, critical thought.  Or the fact that I get a get a kick out of when I think of something really witty to say on Facebook which took me all day to formulate just the right wording in my head.  I’ve always been a person who feels better after I’ve written my feelings down, and maybe I’ve always wanted to journal and my handwriting is really bad and I’m kind of a closet attention seeker.

Maybe, it’s because that after two and a half years of mothering by myself mostly, I might, just might, have more than the hours of 10 – 10:30 at night to myself.  So, I decided to give it a go, and hey maybe make some sort of money off it.  Not likely, but hey, at least I can say I tried something that totally scares the crap out of me.  I’m a Cancer and not easily pushed out of my shell, so what better way to break my comfort zone and lay myself out on the Interweb?

Join me for the ride?  Maybe you’ll hate me, not find me funny, verify that I am in fact batshit crazy, or maybe you’ll love me and tell your friends that there’s someone out there who knows what you’re going through.