Penises, Swastikas, Big Chickens…Oh My!

What to post.  What to post…




OK – Funny kid stories.  I know some of you are walking away already, but come on, my kids are freakin adorable.  But, I may be a bit biased.   Anyways, here are our latest cute stories.


A rare moment of togetherness
A rare moment of togetherness

Mark and Grace were tooling around Costco today just talking.  And unloading the kind of cash you can only unload at Costco, buying totally needed things…. like head lamps.  But honey, they were only $10!!!  Anyways, Mark says, “OOOO Gracie, I want a big TV!”  as they were passing the tempting TV aisles.    Grace says, “OK…. and a big chicken too?”  Mark says, “Whaaat??”  “A big chicken that shoots umbrellas at you?” 

Of course.  Who doesn’t?  How did she know?   

My kick ass girl
My kick ass girl

And then….Will made Mark and me a Christmas present (or holiday, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, depending on the lesson that week) and he made us this.   

Walking in a winter wonder...whaaa?
Walking in a winter wonder…whaaa?

Awww!!!  It’s adorable.  It’s Will outside, playing in swastikas!  OK, not really, don’t send out the troops, they are supposedly snowflakes.  OHHH.   

My boy the goof
My boy the goof

AND finally….We have a lot of trouble with potty words at our house.  This may be because Mark and I cannot contain our glee when some rips a big fart when all else is peaceful.  I guess we’ve dug our own graves.  We are working on it teachers, we promise.  Unless you fart unexpectedly, because THAT is funny.  So anyways, we were discussing when we could use potty words and when not, specifically the word “penis.”  Will tells us you cannot say the word penis outside.  We say…sure that sounds about right.  Then Gracie very matter-of-factly looks up from her coloring book and replies, “Well, unless you see one.  Then you can say it.”  Yep.  Girl, I pray you NEVER see a penis outside.  EVER.  Hell, you can’t see one inside until you’re at least 25, no make it 30.  And circumcised please.  No hoodies. 


So – there’s my cute stories for the day.  Good night! 

PS – My new favorite song.  Take Note:  I found this BEFORE it got annoying.  LOVE IT.  NSFW.  Watch me imbed this bad boy!!!

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