Blerg…I mean Blog.

I am unmotivated lately.  Must be PMSing or pouting that my husband is gone for 2 weeks and G gets sick the second he leaves town.

How about I give a shout out to all the people who fill up my Facebook page and make me mostly unproductive during work hours.  These bloggers help me daily and I love them dearly.

Angie Lynch @ who writes about awesome smut and gives me a cheat sheet on what to read next on …  I hope to one day visit this Floridian and kiss her feet for making books awesome again. – My hero of funny. I hope to one day be 1/4 this funny. I will die happy.  This is the best.  46 Reasons My 3 Year Old Might be Freaking Out. 

Moms Who Drink and Swear – Nicole Knepper makes me feel NORMAL and comfortable with the fact that I think my kid using sarcasm correctly at age 6 is a personal achievement in parenting.

Jen @, because really, her blog name says it all.  She cracks me up.  She wrote a book with other awesome bloggers and maybe one day I can hornswaggle my way into one of her next bestselling anthologies.  Cause right now, my publishing attempts are 0-2.    This girl brings the funny.

And lastly but not leastly… my local girls

Jayme @, who is awesome and one of only 3 ladies who will remember our senior trip to Cancun together, and who will most likely agree that our parents were the dumbest ever and our kids will NEVER get that opportunity of drunken debauchery in HIGH SCHOOL.  Good Lord, some of the stories from that week we will take to our graves.  Let’s just say only ONE of us did NOT get a tattoo in a walk up Mexican tattoo parlor, where they did not turn the autoclave on, only pretended to take things out of there.  This was only because said person was STARVING and just wanted to eat food that would ultimately give her diarrhea.  Food always trumps peer pressure, in SOME people’s eyes.  🙂

And Brittany @, who in the 4 years I’ve been following her (religiously and maybe a bit single white femalishly) has gone from laugh out loud pee your pants funny anecdotes to totally hot, inspirational blogger with ever-increasing fame and success – and she still has time to write ridiculously entertaining, hilarious stuff.  See The Brazilian.

OK – that should give you something to do while I take a brief hiatus from writing.  Check these girls (and guy) out.   They are hilarious and will probably make you unproductive at work too.  Try explaining why you are laughing at the Brazilian video to your cubicle mate.  Not easy.



  1. lauraweldon05 says:

    My husband goes out of town a lot and I totally sypmathize with the whole world falls apart when dad is gone sort of thing. My kids aren’t sick this time that he’s gone, but so far I’ve cleaned up poop off the floor (toddler), our heater broke and the light bright went bad…. all while my husband’s been gone. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings…


    1. jshamsmith says:

      Yes! Today we had a breakdown at the doctor’s office that she misses daddy so much and wants to kiss him for real and not through Skype. Broke my heart. Then to make the decisions alone is the hardest, as I tend to be an overreacter anyways. Hang in there, you know, we’ll laugh about this one day…just not today. 🙂


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! OhEMGEE that trip was ridiculously fun and the only reason that I got a tattoo was because you chickened out at the last minute and I am the dumbass that thought there had to be a 3rd person to get one. To this day I hate that damn tattoo. The stupid tattoo guy put it on my appendix scar even though I told him not to do it there. Grrr… And then on the way home, on the plane, I got Montezuma’s Revenge and pretty much thought I was going to die from non-stop diarrhea so I had to take a second week off of school. I don’t even remember half of the things that happened there. How are we still alive? I need to blog about that trip and what I actually remember!


  3. jshamsmith says:

    I never knew that! We are lucky that trip didn’t kill us. It was fun though that’s for sure. Sorry about the tattoo, I’ve never been so glad I chickened out in my whole life!


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