Random Thoughts and First World Problems

We are wrapping up a long weekend and since we are away from the usual chaos, I’ve had some moments to ponder things.  Random thoughts, realizing first world problems and so on.  So, in no particular order, here are a few thoughts that occur to me when given some idle time.

Ever rock out to a song and a whistle melody comes on and you join in and think,  I am really awesome at whistling!… only to realize it’s not actually you whistling but just the song? All you’re doing is making spitting blowing sounds like you usually do.

Here’s a first world problem…Going on vacation only to realize you don’t have wifi access and then the WHOLE THING IS RUINED.

Another one…getting in your keyless car only to have the car tell you Key Not in Vehicle, then you have to convince your car you do actually have the keys and are frantically waving it in front of the console in an effort to prove to THE CAR that it is in fact an idiot. Not you. Never you.

FWP:  When my kids get into my husband’s Jeep Wrangler rental car and can’t figure out what the crank is on the door and what it does.

Random thought: Do zits know you are going to see people who don’t see you everyday and probably won’t be wearing a lot of makeup?  Because I have a second nose slightly southeast of my God-given one that speaks before I do.  Ga!

Seriously, it speaks for me.
Seriously, it speaks for me.

RT:  Getting drunk on a boat is not quite the great idea you initially think it is.  Because after an entire bottle of wine, you can’t figure out if it’s the boat rocking or just you.  Or after said night of drinking, taking an hour long boat ride that jars your insides and loosens certain things that can’t be released ON A BOAT.

First world problem:  Not being able to decide whether to watch your TV shows on Amazon, Netflix or Hulu.  Or, your shows don’t load until the next day and you want to watch it 5 minutes after it ended on TV.  Or worse, you have to WAIT for the next season to come up.  (Hello last season of 30 Rock???  Where are you??)

Another FWP:  Leaving your coupon you’ve been saving for a month to use at home.  Or worse, forgetting you have it in your purse, or worse making a major shopping trip the day BEFORE Kohl’s cash starts up.

FWP:  Finishing a book and wanting to talk about it, only no one else has read it yet and you can’t share it on your Kindle.

FWP:  Having to drink actual water because you ran out of Vitamin Water.  (OK now, I am just looking at things around me.  Lamp.  I love lamp.)

Time to wrap up.   This photo got a lot of mileage, and just a heads up teachers, camp counselors, doctors, dentists and so on, when you hear my kids say “Ask your dam question,”  they actually mean ask a question about the dam behind us, because they know all about it, thought it was really cool and can’t quite figure out why adults find this so funny.

Ask your dam questions!  Look at all that dam water!  It went on and on and on.
Ask your dam questions! Look at all that dam water! It went on and on and on.

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