Oooh, mysterious.  Nope, just me, hiding.
Oooh, mysterious. Nope, just me, hiding, and unable to find a photo I like of myself.

I am Jen, a thirty-something mother of two (well three counting Mark).  I work full time at a job that doesn’t save lives or add value to society, but most days I am one of those rare people who enjoy going to work.  I have a six year old son, Will, and a four year daughter, Gracie, and no, I did not name them Will and Grace on purpose, so quit asking.   I have been married to my husband for 11 years and we’ve been together since high school.  I am writing this blog more as therapy for me, and have been writing it in my head for a few years now, so I desperately need to get these thoughts out of my brain.  My hope is maybe someone else out there can get a laugh or a cry from my crazy life, and/or relate to it and not feel so alone.  Enjoy!  I will try not to disappoint.

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